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Cancer Research & Treatment Institute directs it’s efforts and resources towards supporting research programs, clinics, and hospitals that teach the public about and that place a high degree of emphasis on therapies for the treatment of cancer and other degenerative diseases.

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The mission at the Oasis of Hope is to provide integrative and alternative cancer treatments to improve the quality of the physical, mental, and spiritual lives of our patients

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A Message from the President

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The year 2023 continued to be one of growth and utilizing our resources to maximize our impact in providing funds for assistance of cancer programs in the USA and Internationally. The organization has been driven by the challenges of providing grants, aid, and support to the victims of cancer. Working with support groups for cancer patients is a vital part of their treatment and rehabilitation. Our efforts will continue to be aimed at making these support groups available. Also, providing educational, emotional, financial, and spiritual support will continue to be at the core of our programs.

New challenges have taken CRTI to higher levels of reaching out to the general public in providing support and educational information about health and nutrition in learning to live a healthier lifestyle. Complementary therapies have become more available to those individuals facing cancer and other degenerative diseases.

As an organization that is dependent upon public support, we must continue to look for more cost effective ways to provide the vital educational materials about nutrition and complementary therapies for cancer.

Cancer Research & Treatment Institute believes that the causes of cancer are well established and documented. And, that the only way to eliminate cancer from the USA and World scene is by eliminating the causes of cancer. The basic causes of cancer are linked directly to our environment and our living habits. By changing these two elements through improved nutritional habits, the elimination of all known carcinogens from our environment, our food, our water and air, we can make tremendous strides in the fight against and in the prevention of cancer.

I believe we are now starting to see many exciting and rewarding endeavors into the field of learning and practicing good nutritional health habits. These efforts will continue to lead the way to a better understanding of how we can overcome and eliminate not only cancer, but also other life-threatening diseases through new methods of treatment. Only then will many thousands and even millions of lives be saved and much suffering eliminated. Together we can make a difference in their lives.

Larry MacKay


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cancer institute charity initiatives

Cancer Research & Treatment Institute looks forward to:

Providing on-going funding for research and programs that promote and utilize therapies in the treatment of cancer and other terminal diseases.

Increase our position of supplying much needed equipment, medical supplies and medicines to hospitals and clinics around the world. These supplies will many times mean the difference between life and death for the patients of the hospitals and clinics

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